Monday, April 18, 2016

Faith Inspite Fear

        The last few weeks I have been hearing the word from different speakers about how God has equipped us with everything you need to succeed. We just don't step out and take action due to a lack of faith. Pastor Furtik said one day the opposite of faith is certainty. To me, it means that if  you don't take a chance to reach your goal, it's because you are afraid of all the things that could go wrong. There is that doubt, that uncertainty rearing its ugly head.  Having faith means that in spite of any doubts and fears, you will push through towards your goals, knowing that God has control and you will not be denied what he has for you.
        On another occasion, I listened to speaker Becky A. Davis and she reaffirmed the message Pastor Furtik conveyed.  As she discussed what she did to achieve her success, she spoke about how fear stopped her from going after her dream for 20 years. Once she stepped out on faith not knowing how everything would get done, God did his part and she is now a very successful business woman.

We may not want to see it this way, but fear shows a lack of faith, if we truly know who we are and to whom we belonged, we would not live in fear.  We would live knowing the promises of God and what he has promised us as his children.  Everything will not happen instantly, if it did, you wouldn't know how to handle it. God gives you bits and pieces of the whole picture along the way.  Do your part, have faith, and believe you can achieve your goal.  Do not live in fear any longer.  Go out and get your inheritance!

Monday, April 4, 2016

False Reality

Love everything from your extra roll on your back around your bra, to those stretch marks on your breast, stomach, or booty. I say that as woman who's had and still has those problems. I was able to change my weight, but those stretch marks are here to stay. You know what though? I still get up on stage in front of hundreds at a bodybuilding competition and show off my hard work I put while in the gym. This body is the only body I have. The things I can change, I have. The things I can't, I have embraced. I will rock a two piece and snap photos like nobody's business. I used to be so worried about them and wanted my husband to edit them out. Now I really don't care. No one is perfect and I quick to let someone know I am far from it.  Love the skin you're in. It helps your inner peace all the more. Ladies, these magazines and media will mess with your mind if you don't know the truth. It's selling a false reality. Look at yourself and the ladies around you. This is the everyday beauty. We come in all shapes, styles, and sizes that should be celebrated. Celebrate yourself. Celebrate the blessings of life God has given us.