Friday, December 23, 2016

Holiday Tradition

Tis the season to be jolly!  I love this time of year! Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite holidays because it brings families together.  What Thanksgiving and Christmas means to me has evolved over the years since I left my parents' home.  Now  I am blessed to spend the holidays with my husband, and we are learning to make our own traditions on top of bringing things along that we did growing up. 

Picking out a Christmas tree with my family shortly after Thanksgiving was one of the things I looked forward to growing up.  I enjoyed decorating our tree and our house with ornaments and lights.   My husband Nygel and I decorated our first tree together a few years ago before Christmas.  It was so much fun because it was his first time getting a live tree.

We now plan getting our tree around the time we get our son Jeremiah during or after the Thanksgiving holiday.  We alternate the holidays with his mom, but we want him to be able to take part in our family activities as well.  This year was the first year we had Jeremiah out hunting for the perfect tree and I think he preferred being in a warm cozy building instead of the outdoors.  He really got into the tree decorating part.  It was such a joy watching him meticulously deciding where each ornament would be placed.  Hubby and I decorated the top part of the tree while we let him work on the bottom.

This year Nygel suggested starting the tradition of each of us picking out our own ornaments each year.  We each took our ornament and decided where we would hang it on the tree.  As we add children to our household, I know in no time we will have a tree full of our personal ornaments.  I can only imagine how special it will be for us to look back at the ornaments as our children grow older and begin to start families of their own.

This time of year can also be tough for me because of the many family members I have lost during this time over the years.  I know this time of year is also tough for others for many reasons. My advice to anyone having a hard time is to look at the good times and do your best to find the positive in what you have right now.  When I look at my family and where we are now, it brings a peace to my soul for which I am thankful. 

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