Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Domestic Violence...I Am A Survivor

You truly never know someone's story. I've watched a story of a young woman murdered by a man because she wouldn't return his call. For me, it hits close to home on different levels. I was in a similar situation a few years back when my ex showed up on my doorstep because I wasn't returning his calls after an earlier altercation. I was thankful law enforcement was able to get to me before he did. I thank God for his protection because I really could have lost my life.

Domestic violence is real and it has happened to more people than you may realize. It is not a joke or a game. Lives are lost in a blink of an eye because of someone's recklessness. The shame, the victim blaming and the assumptions made by those on the outside looking in judging is a lot for an individual to handle. For those reasons and more, many suffer quietly and alone. There is no excuse great enough to make abuse and violence OK. I encourage anyone who is going through to reach out and speak up about what you are going through because your life is valuable. Your life matters. 

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