Friday, August 5, 2016

Our Blended Family

In July we celebrated our son's 7th birthday.  It was such a fun day.  We spent a few hours at the trampoline park with friends and family. We had the kids jumping and some of us adults were jumping as well. It was so awesome to see so many people come out and celebrate Jeremiah's birthday.  I took a picture with Jeremiah's  mom, Latoya and sent it to her.  Later that evening my husband showed me what she posted on Facebook.  As I read her caption, I could not help but feel honored and be filled with joy because of her words.

"Jeremiah has been blessed with 2 awesome moms...she is a blessing."

Not everyone would be comfortable with sharing the title of Mom with another woman who has a part in their child's life.  Latoya does not have to refer to me in that manner but she does. I greatly appreciate what she's done. To me it says that she trusts me to fill in the role when she is isn't around.  She knows the special bond she holds with her son is one of a kind and cannot be replaced. She is trusting me with her son's care, safety, and well-being. I value this trust and I do not take it lightly.

I share this moment because it's easy to see the negative connotations that come with being with someone who has a child or children from a prior relationship. It is a choice.  Your choice and no one else's to make.  It is a choice that should be thought out and taken seriously. It can be challenging, but It can work. It just takes respect and maturity from the adults who are involved to know what is important.  What is important is the well-being of the child(ren). I believe it takes a village to raise a child.  My prayer is that Jeremiah will grow up and live a happy life knowing he is loved by many.

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