Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ladies: Things We Should Start Doing

As women, we at times fail to realize how much power over our lives we possess. Now is the time to tap into that power.  Here are a few things that will allow you to do so.

Start taking better care of yourself.
We by nature are nurturers.  We want to help and make things better because it makes us feel good.  We get so caught up in taking care of everyone else, that we don't take care of ourselves.  There is a spiritual balance when it comes to the service of others.  Don't give away the essence of your being without replenishing your soul.  Giving all of yourself away causes everyone to lose.

Start writing.
You don't have to be a best-selling author.  Writing helps to free up space in your mind and can even change your mood. Plan out your day and set goals to accomplish. I keep my journal with me so that I can quickly write down my thoughts and feelings whenever I need.  It allows me to focus my energy better.

Start praying and speaking to God.
I have not always been the best at keeping my prayer life consistent.  When I took the time to focus on my prayer life, I could tell a difference in my overall demeanor.  Inconsistency in your prayer life shows up in your everyday life.  I believe when you truly believe God is the head of your life, you have to be in constant contact with him.  How else will you be able to determine when he's speaking to you and providing discernment?  Staying in God's presence centers you and gives you peace.

Start getting to know yourself.
I feel we as women make ill informed choices at times because we don't know ourselves as well as we should.  The lack of self understanding shows up a lot in relationships; friends and lovers alike.  We make a lot of not so good choices because we don't know ourselves or our value.  It is OK to take some time to be alone and learn about yourself on a deeper level.
Start being selective in whom you share your gifts.
Ladies we give away too much too soon to men who do not deserve what we have to offer.  In other words stop giving wife privileges to a man who has no intention of marrying you.  Do not be afraid of the man walking away.  When you are self-aware, it's OK for that man to leave. You've gotten to know yourself and you're OK with enjoying your "ME" time. He is making room for the right man God has for you.

Start keeping the right circle of people
Your core group of people should be people that you can trust and those who are honest with you.  Your circle should be supportive and people who want to see you be the best you can be.  Those people should not drain you and aren't around for convenience.  They check up on you and keep you accountable when it comes to meeting your goals.

Start Ignoring insignificant opinions
Society will tell you everything should be doing and by what age it should be done.  Ignore all of those outside noises. It weighs down your soul trying to be like someone else or measure up to someone else's standards.  Free yourself from those unnecessary pressures and be the best version of yourself you can be.

Start sharing your insight with other women
Believe it or not, we experience a lot of the same things in different aspects of our lives.  We can advise, teach and learn from each other and our experiences as women.  Find a woman out there you can connect with advise and/or mentor.  You can be to her the person you would have liked to have in your life when you needed it.

Start trusting your gut.
We have this sixth sense as women. We know when things are not right, but we move forward anyway. We often ignore it because it is showing the outcome that is least favorable for that particular situation.  Stop doing that! Start listening to your gut instinct. It can save your life.  Trusting my instincts surely has saved mine.

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