Sunday, November 13, 2016

We Need to do a Better Job Celebrating Fathers

The Friday before Father's Day. I took off work to make the drive to pick up our son from his Mom's home a few hours away. I spent most my day on the road, but I was able to get back in time to surprise my hubby as he left his office. It was a long journey, but to see these two was well worth it and made it an amazing start to our Father's Day weekend.

I sometimes feel Father's Day gets tainted by a lot negativity in comparison to Mother's Day. Not every mother is a good mother but we don't hear about that as often. I'm not saying that we should either, but we need to give our men credit when it's due. Father's Day is supposed to be a day to uplift men who are doing what they are supposed to do as fathers or as father figures. It is not time to bash the men who aren't handling their responsibility. Publicly berating the man will not always encourage the man to step up to the plate and and in some cases make him development resentment and push him further away.

The honest truth is he may never step up or it maybe years before he returns. We need to use our words to encourage these men to step up and do what they are supposed to do. Words have power to speak life or death.  We need to be our brother's keeper.  If you know a friend isn't doing his job as a father, talk to him about it. Find out what's going on, and encourage him to do the right thing.  This world is in such turmoil and a we need to do our part to make it a better place.

Fathers are just as important as mothers.  They just have a different value they add to the dynamic of raising a child. A woman cannot be both a mother and a father; nor should she try.  There are great fathers out there and they should be celebrated as such.  They need to know they are appreciated and they truly matter. 

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