Thursday, May 26, 2016

Where's Your Boaz? Show Yourself Worthy

You complain about that job you hate. How do your bosses see you? Are you putting forth your best effort?

You complain about being single. Have you taken the time to truly prepare yourself for a meaningful relationship that God has for you?  Have you taken the time to be alone and enjoy your own company? Are you out being active and serving God?

I ask these questions because we always look to God to supply our needs and take care of us. Sometimes we thank him and many times we don't because we really don't realize how much God does for us even when we don't deserve it.  We are spoiled and we get in our own way at times. You expect the best, but did you take a moment to see what you have done to deserve the best?  

One of my favorite  scriptures is faith without works is dead.  I believe God has everything you will need but he will not just hand it over to you without you doing your part.  Sometimes you have to show God you know how to handle what you have before he can bless you with more. No matter how small or less than you may think it is.  Do you really think you deserve a new job or raise when you show up to work late, have a bad attitude or not produce quality work because you feel it's beneath you?  Having a good attitude and outlook and performing your work now for the job you want later is the attitude you must have.

We women love to talk about the story of Ruth and Boaz in the bible.  We all talk about we want our Boaz.  If you read the full story, Ruth went through some hard times.  She lost her husband and decided to stick by her mother-in-law when it was not required.  Ruth went and worked diligently in the fields. She was noticed by Boaz because of her work, her devotion, and her attitude.

If you are single, you maybe praying to God to send your king or queen.  Are your preparing yourself? Are you working hard and busy about the work of God? The right person will take notice of the person you are and who trying to become.

Don't rush a blessing you may not be ready for. Put in the work to be ready.  One of the worst things to do is to force something you weren't ready to have. Another is to hold on to something you were meant to let go.  As we live daily in this world, we are representatives of God.  Our thoughts, actions toward others, and just the general way we carry ourselves should be a reflection of him. We will at times fall short but as long as we are consistently reflecting the good works of God, then we leave the door open for the opportunity for our blessings to come through. 

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