Monday, March 14, 2016

Ken Doll not a Barbie

This memory showed up on my Facebook timeline of what happened to me a year ago in response to what someone posted on my page about my physical appearance. I am totally OK that people will not understand why I decide to do bodybuilding.  Though ignorance does not give you the right to be rude and disrespectful in my book.  I have had women ask me if my man was OK with "all of that?" I have had people also say that what I have is too much. What I will also say is that God does not give people your vision and that is perfectly fine.  Do not let what people do not see or understand sway you or take you off track from your goal.  Sometimes people who are not happy or satisfied with their lives will say or do things to try to bring you down to their level or build themselves up.  Others just can see pass their own failures and project what they fear are shortcomings on to you. Check out my post below:

'I post this thinking about this young person commenting on one of my gym pics saying something to the likes of "Ken doll...Not a Barbie." I laughed and told them to say it to my face because it's easy to be a cyber bullying coward hiding behind social media. To think their profile says "God first" but you take the time to insult one of his creations #hypocrite. I'm not a barbie nor a ken because neither look like me. I don't conform to the likes of this world. Nothing about me is ordinary and I thank my amazing parents for teaching that to me. I am a woman beautifully made and I love every muscle and curve. To anyone out there feeling insecure, love yourself because no one can take that love away from you unless you let them. For every negative person, I get two more encouraging my journey. Thank you all for ya support .'

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