Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Selfies

I have been enjoying my journey of self-love and I'm not ashamed of it. I love my selfies and I lovelooking at my body in the mirror. I love my freckles, my beauty marks and my stretch marks. They are a apart of me and apart of my life's journey. I've embrace my imperfections. There was once a time I was afraid to let my light shine. I refuse to dim my light to make others comfortable. Take me as I am or move along. God created me in his image to be beautiful, creative, talented, and one of a kind; not afraid or ashamed of myself. Some may consider it bragging or showy, but I consider it showing what I consider a blessed life.

I'm a selfie Queen
We often get so caught up in what others are doing and how they are presenting themselves to the world, we tend to forget to sweep around our own front door. If we were more concerned with bettering ourselves, we wouldn't be too worried with what the other person is doing that we may find so offensive. What they are doing may not be offensive. You just may be a little envious they are doing what they desire and they are being successful and happy.  Individuals secure in themselves will congratulate and encourage positivity.

Ladies and gents, I encourage you to truly embrace who you are.  Love every inch of your body and your personality.  Step our of faith and take some risks to better yourself.  Be the best version of yourself in this you possibly can be.  If that is your focus, I feel things that used to bother you before, won't bother you as much.

Though my body is "ideal" for some, it was not for me and I kept it covered and avoided photos.


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