Saturday, November 14, 2015

Prayers for Paris, Prayers for the World

I will not withhold compassion for Paris or any other place in the world when they go through a trauma like this or any other injustice that affects its people. I know there are injustices taking place in countries that get no play in the media and nothing gets done to help them, but people are still hurting  and losing their lives. I will not let my heart harden because the same compassion isn't shown for me.  I am an American.  Not only that, I am a Black American. I travel the world and people harden their hearts because of the choices my government made and the color of my skin.  When I travel, I am vary aware of who I am and pray that no one wants to punish me for the sins of America or their thoughts on my race. My country has committed some heinous acts and we have had some heinous acts committed against us. With all of the things that happen in government and politics, the people living in the country not knowing all the ins and outs reap the consequences.  I acknowledge that I do not know everything that is going on around the world, but when something bad does happen, I feel bad for the people who suffer the consequences of those choices. I will continue to do my part and do service here within the States and around the world.  I will not knock those who do stand and show support in the midst of the tragedy.  Everyone does it in their own way, but this world and the violence is out of control.  We do need more action to fight against the injustice in the world.  We need to get out of our comfort zone because what happened in Paris could be back here in America. Not just in America, but to you, your mom, any of your family members or friends.  Take some time to figure out how you can do service in your community and the world as a whole. Pray not only for Paris but pray for our world.

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