Friday, November 6, 2015

My Choices

I've been making some big life changes over the last few years in all facets of my life. I went back to school, changed churches, moved to a new city, and most recently I got married.  Through each change and time period in my life, it was an opportunity for growth and self development. I've  learned that no matter how great of a plan you have, always be opened  to change and the chance things may not go your way. My life is the result of the decisions  I've made and if I am not happy with it, that means I need to make better choices.

A big choice that impacts my life are the people I allow in my personal space. You have to be careful with whom you share your time and energy. Energy is constantly transferred between individuals. Everyone is not going to be high energy all the time,  but you have to practice discernment and know when to keep those people at a distance or not have them in your life at all.

These are a few things, I have learned to live by:
  • Forgive quickly and often.  
    • Holding on to the anger and hurt of a situation is not good for your health.  This rule for me has been a tough one for me, but it makes my life so much easier when I let things go and move forward.
  • Trust in God and not in man.
    • Man will always let you down even when it is unintentional. Humans are inherently selfish by nature so we are always looking out for "Number One." My belief is people will be people, and I will not hold what I may consider their faults against them when they don't live up to my expectations. Placing my expectations on them is honestly unfair in the first place.
  • Do not fight to keep someone in your life.  
    • Whether it's a significant other, family member or friend.  You spend all that energy on a situation when someone clearly wants to be left alone.  I give them their space, move forward, and pray for that person. If that relationship is meant to be, it will be.  You cannot be the only person investing in that relationship.
  • Don't tell every move you make or tell everyone your dreams and aspirations.
    • Everyone is not in your corner. Everyone will not understand your journey and not everyone is meant to take that with journey with you.  It is best to keep the negativity out because you will have to overcome the obstacles of the world beating you down. You don't need that negativity from the people who are supposed to believe in you the most.  Dreams are things that may not seem the norm or they are just different.  You have to have the mindset to pursue your dreams.
  • Learn from your mistakes and keep move forward.
    • The best thing to do after you mess up is to not dwell on it, but evaluate what went wrong.  Once you have learned from it, keep it in mind and use what you learn for later moments in life.
Love, Peace, & Blessings

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