Saturday, April 26, 2014

Out of Sight. Out of Mind

What does that statement mean? Well to me it means that if it's not right in front of me, there is a big chance I will not give it attention. It will not matter to me.  This honestly is the easiest way for me to handle situations.

Of course life is not always that easy ��.  Like I said in my previous post. You have to work hard for those things that are worth it. There will come a time when you cannot put something out of sight to get past it. What will you do? As my trainer & friend Tiffany Nance says, "Suck it up Buttercup!"

If it really matters to you, find a way to deal. If it doesn't matter, remove yourself from the situation the best way you know how.

Some things are  unavoidable.  In that case, try your best to put your best foot forward and move pass it. My favorite thing to say is, "It is what it is." Things do get better in time, though it may not be fast enough for you. No matter the situation, you will always have a choice to do what you want to. It may not be considered the best options, but you have some. Your life and happiness is yours in the end, you decide what things in your sight can get to you and eat away at your happiness.

Love, Peace, & Blessings

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Want it? Work for It!

I am taking tonight off from the gym. I do get a rest day this week and I decided to make it today. Today has been a long day.  School is a job in and of itself. I applaud those who work a full-time job and go to school as well. The part-time work kills me.  I drive 1 hour 15 minutes twice a week to school and the days I'm not at school, I am working part-time, training and doing school work.  It has not been easy, but the time is winding down and I thank God each day for getting me though.

Usually nothing that is worth having comes easy.  Whether its fitness, school, moving up in the corporate world, relationships, marriage, etc., these things take time and work.  You have to care for them, take time with them, and nurture them so they can grow and evolve greater.  We can get so wrapped up in our lives sometimes that we can neglect one of the many hats we wear in our life.

We must take the time to set goals and make plans to achieve those goals.  Everything may not always go according to plan, but if you have a focus and/or goal, it makes things easier to get back on track.  We have to keep pushing in spite of the bad that may have come our way. God in no way created us to be small insignificant beings, he has given us EVERYTHING we will ever need to reach our fullest potential.  We just have to have FAITH and put in the WORK required to be successful.

If you don't know what your talents are, take some time to see what you are good at or things you are passionate about.  You will be able to live a more rewarding and fulfilling life once you find and follow your passion and purpose.  I haven't fully found my purpose, but I am exploring and making my life interesting. I am serving and helping others.  That gives me joy. I will continue to explore and enjoy life to the fullest.

Love, Peace, & Blessings

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Intro to Mexi

I never imagined I would have my own blog, but I know writing is therapy for the soul.  I am so private so this is another way for me to step out of the box. Writing is something I am good at, but have put on the back burner for a while.   I named my link Amexia360 because I will talk about all aspects of my life as needed.

Currently, I am less than month from graduating for North Carolina A&T State University with an Engineering degree AGGIE PRIDE!!!! I work part-time as well as a Health Enthusiast at Vitamin Shoppe. In March, I became engaged to the love of my life and best friend Nygel. I am a Nationally Qualified  Figure Bodybuilding Competitor currently in competition prep for a show in SC that occurs two weeks after my graduation.  I am a proud to say I am a Christian actively serving the Kingdom of God through ministries at my church.

I have a very busy life, but all of these things are important for my success. I am going through lots of transitions in my life at this time, but I think it is a beautiful thing.  There will be challenges and growing pains from it. My choices not only impact me, but the life of my fiance and his 4yr old son. As the youngest child, I am used to being spoiled and getting my way LOL. Over the years I have gotten better at that. I'm not as selfish as I used to be.  Nygel also challenged me to love and open up more than I have ever done in my life.  I'm goofy, silly, smart and observant. I love the outdoors, I am adventurous and super loyal to my friends and family.

Through this blog I will share my different life experiences from the past, present, and what I'd like to expect for the future.  If I can impact one life, this will be all worth it.  I have included my other social media links, feel free to like and follow my pages. I appreciate all the support.
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