Saturday, April 26, 2014

Out of Sight. Out of Mind

What does that statement mean? Well to me it means that if it's not right in front of me, there is a big chance I will not give it attention. It will not matter to me.  This honestly is the easiest way for me to handle situations.

Of course life is not always that easy ��.  Like I said in my previous post. You have to work hard for those things that are worth it. There will come a time when you cannot put something out of sight to get past it. What will you do? As my trainer & friend Tiffany Nance says, "Suck it up Buttercup!"

If it really matters to you, find a way to deal. If it doesn't matter, remove yourself from the situation the best way you know how.

Some things are  unavoidable.  In that case, try your best to put your best foot forward and move pass it. My favorite thing to say is, "It is what it is." Things do get better in time, though it may not be fast enough for you. No matter the situation, you will always have a choice to do what you want to. It may not be considered the best options, but you have some. Your life and happiness is yours in the end, you decide what things in your sight can get to you and eat away at your happiness.

Love, Peace, & Blessings

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